Your solution for SB606 and beyond

vQuip is a digital based risk management and insurance solution that can seamlessly integrate with your booking platform of choice. Regardless of state requirements, we create value from our operating system and innovative insurance programs. We help cover all your compliance, education, training and insurance needs. We have a long term value proposition that goes far beyond SB606 and are here for you regardless of what's to come.

How it Works

Operating system designed for the best

Step 1

Work with our team of risk consultants to get onboarded onto the vQuip operating system. It just takes a few simple steps to get you set up.

Step 2

vQuip OS will guide your staff and renters through each process that allows you to stay in compliance with SB606. Our cutting edge technology allows you to save time on dock while also following industry best practices


Step 3

Your vQuip support team is here 24/7 to handle everything from incident management, service, claims and more.

Step 4:

Connect us with your agent, if we aren't already, to let our insurance partners help you secure the most competitive insurance policy possible. Our system collects evidence to take the subjectivity and stress away from your annual Insurance renewal process.

Boating Safety Act of 2022 (SB606)

vQuip utilizes an iOS mobile application to facilitate renter's insurance to your boat renters. This insurance offering provides your renters the required coverage needed to be in compliance with SB606. The vQuip OS App provides boat rental facilities with peace of mind, given that you will know your safety rules and regulations are always being implemented and followed! For more information on the FL Boating Safety Act of 2022, please sign up for future webinars and newsletters by clicking below. vQuip is here to help!

How much does vQuip cost?

Reach out to our team for a quote today. We pride ourselves in working with the best operators who are passionate about the industry.