In a recent study conducted by mathematician Katie Steckles, it was found that, “technology saves the average person about two weeks per year.” When considering a full year has only 52 weeks, shaving two whole weeks off is a massive time save that certainly can’t be overlooked.

When formulating the idea of vQuip, our founder and CEO took this primary principle of technology and put it as one of the core pillars of our development. Working with businesses ranging in size from 2 or 3 boats with 1 or 2 employees to full marinas with 50+ boats who employ dozens; we decided early on that saving these businesses time was crucial in earning their trust and business. By providing a service that digitizes the current and cumbersome paper-based risk management and safety process for renting a boat or how outdated and slow the boat purchasing process seemed to be, it was easy to see how a business might be able to utilize the right technology to save time.

In industries that lag behind in terms of software and technology, it might be safe to assume that industry players have rejected new processes for operational or personal preferences. This may have been true at a time, but today this assumption is far from reality. What we found was an industry hungry for improvements to the status quo of the process. The rental businesses we spoke and partnered with shared similar sentiments of wanting a more efficient, more streamlined, and more user/customer friendly process that will keep them and their customers safe.

The industry that vQuip has tapped into is ripe for digital systems to ease the process and expand individual’s reach. We aim to help small mom & pop shops renting out 3 boats on a small lake in middle America all the way to massive dealerships chains and marinas renting out 50+ boats. With this wide range of stakeholders to work with, vQuip aims to take the average technology assisted time savings of 2 weeks a year and blow it out of the water.