Innovative Insurance Program Disrupts the Maritime Market as “Program Launch of the Year”

In November 2022, specialty insurance broker One80 Intermediaries launched the first-of-its-kind boat rental insurance program in partnership with vQuip and insurance carrier partner, Nationwide Insurance. Bringing innovation to the maritime industry, this rental insurance program provides liability coverage for individual boat renters across all 50 states. With this innovation shaking up the maritime industry, the […]

Streamline Operations and Safety with vQuip

Ever wondered how vQuip can help streamline your operations and enhance safety measures before, during and after each booking? We produced a brief video that explains how we work and the benefits of partnering with our team. With vQuip on your side, your boat rental business gains: Streamlined paperwork Smart, affordable renter’s insurance options for […]

The Time is Now to Modernize an Archaic Boat-Rental Industry

  Rental facilities that leverage technology to enhance operations will win both with insurers and customers. Over the past couple of years, we saw a huge surge in demand for boat rentals and other outdoor water activities. During the pandemic, people itched to get out of their homes and head for the nearest beach or […]