Where We Started

vQuip has brought renter's insurance to the market for the very first time

So, what is vQ Insurance?

A renter’s insurance policy in the renter’s own name for the duration of their rental.

What would this policy include?

Think of this as your insurance a la carte menu. This can be customized to best fit your business operations.









Why you need it

As it stands today, most commercial insurance policies for rental businesses only name their business as an insured. This leaves the renter uninsured and a significant gap in coverage leading to negative consequences for all involved. By offering coverage to the renter you are providing them an avenue to secure a level of protection for themselves that can also significantly benefit your business.

Rentals can be a lucrative business, but can also come with risk

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Increase In Boating Fatalities

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You have questions.

We have the answers.

Does this work with my commercial Carrier Policy?

This policy is intended to be supplementary to your commercial insurance policy. Please check with your insurance agent and carrier to make sure this product is in line with what your existing policies.

Do I need to have a commercial carrier policy?

Yes, you must hold in full force a commercial insurance policy in order to get access to the renter’s insurance product. If you are looking for better commercial coverage options please reach out and we can connect you with one of our preferred agency partners.

What is the cost?

We price each policy per trip. This can fluctuate based on type of vessel, duration of trip and a number of other factors. Typically, the price of insurance is charged to the renter on top of what they pay for the rental.

What all is included in the platform?

When you work with the vQuip platform and team, you get access to a suite of tools that help you manage all things operations, compliance, education, training and insurance. This allows us to give you peace of mind that your operations are up to best practices and happening consistently every time regardless if it is a seasonal employee or owner launching rentals.

Okay I'm Interested! What do I do now?

Schedule a demo with one of our risk consultants to show you how it all works!